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NewAtlantis Labs transforms marine ecosystems into productive natural assets that help fund sustainable ocean conservation, benefit local communities, and drive financial returns.

Unlocking Sustainable Revenue Streams for Marine Protected Areas

NAL is a pioneering organization dedicated to unlocking the economic potential of marine biological resources while ensuring their long-term protection and sustainable use.


More specifically, NAL seeks to generate comprehensive marine meta-omics datasets to inform market-based incentives for conservation, such as biodiversity credits and parametric insurance products. Our goal is to transform Marine Protected Areas into thriving hubs of sustainable economic activity.

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Understanding the ocean in ways never before possible

​Recent advancements in AI/ML technologies combined with more in-depth omics-based analysis and sampling allows NAL to understand the complexity of the ocean ecosystem in ways never before possible.

Together with our partners in government, philanthropy, academia, and private industry we are working to create a sustainable ocean economy that inherently addresses the biodiversity and climate challenges facing us.

Our Leadership

The NewAtlantis Team and Advisory Board are comprised of a group of people united in our impatience to solve the world's most pressing problem.


Courtney Nichols Gould

Co-Founder / Co-CEO


Gordon Gould

Co-Founder / Co-CEO


Jim Schwoebel

Head of Engineering


Jay Gutierrez 

Head of Science

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Florence Tercier

Head of Business Development


Stanley Bishop 

Chief Architect

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JJ Ramberg

Head of Communications

Advisory Board


Octavio Aburto


Ralph Chami

carlos duarte.png

Carlos Duarte


Paul Hawken

cristina mitter.jpg

Cristina Mittermeier


Paul Nicklen

julie pullen.jpg

Julie Pullen

We'd love to hear from you

We are eager to work with organizations and individuals who passionately believe we do not have any time left to spare when it comes to protecting our ocean.

Partnerships : If you're an NGO, government, community leader, lab, or philanthropist interested in partnering with us, let us know!


Job Opportunities : If you're a scientist or an engineer passionate about the work we're doing, we're hiring!

Thanks for submitting!

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